Need a Speaker?

SEACAP Financial, Inc. is available to come speak to your business, conference, or professional organization on a variety of topics related to our areas of expertise. Below is a sampling of some popular topics, or we can customize a presentation to your group’s needs. For more information, please contact 901.452.4545.


Exiting the Family Business: Pass to the Next Generation or Sell for the Highest Price?
Surprisingly, only 10% of family-owned businesses make it through 3 generations. In many cases, the family assumes this transition will be seamless, but often it is not.SEACAP Financialis an experton how businesses can, with careful planning, increase their chances for successful transfers of ownership from one generation to the next. Or, if, given all factors, selling the business to an outside party is the more viable exit strategy. Learn how careful quantitative and qualitative evaluation of the situation can be invaluable when it comes to transferring ownership of a family-owned business.


What’s Your Business Really Worth? When and Why it Really Matters.
Businesses need to be valuated at a number of different junctures in their lifecycles and for a variety of reasons. Your business may need a valuation for a transfer of ownership due to sale, death, merging, succession of ownership, to determine assets in a divorce, taxation issues, or for implementation of an employee stock ownership plan. While different methodologies are implemented depending on the purpose of the valuation, one thing remains constant: when it matters most, you need to know what your business is really worth! SEACAP Financial will present key reasons and methodologies for successfully valuating your business for each different situation. They will also speak to how proper valuation practices can ease transitions such as business ownership transfers and other exit strategies.


Managing Your Business in Challenging Times.
Challenges for the small to mid-size businesses can come in all forms: economic downturns, growth opportunities, cash flow issues and transitioning to the next generation, just to name a few. SEACAP can become your trusted advisor to help you manage these challenges, plan for the future and find the financing, if needed, to support your plan.


Improve Profits by Outsourcing Recruiting
Compare and analyze various recruiting fee structures to implement the precise option for your unique cultural needs. Increase your success to avoid time constraints and luck of the draw. Recruiting fees are not all equal. Understand how to increase ROI by choosing a professional recruiter to uncover the facts and avoid expensive hiring mistakes.


Select and Manage the Right Recruiting Professional
Once the decision is made to outsource recruiting, learn the selection process to choose the right recruiter. Understand some common contract language and avoid pitfalls with proper research to achieve a winning outcome. Explore and understand the decision making process and discover tips that allow you to manage the relationship for maximum valuation.


Top 10 Reasons for You to Hire a Recruiter
Take a holistic look at the role of a recruiter…discover sound rationalization, both financial and operational that will uncover the mysteries of hiring a professional recruiting firm. This concise list will provide an overview of tangible and intangible facts that will elevate and make your recruiting efforts more productive.


Note: A custom topic in SEACAP’s area of expertise can also be developed for your group. Call SEACAP for details at 901.452.4545.