When to Call SEACAP?

We Buy, Sell, Build and Staff Private Companies

Business in Transition

Many firms experience growing pains as they scale from a small mom-and-pop organization to a mid-size company. SEACAP helps the owners explore financial and operational changes to grow or stabilize their business.
Client Challenges

  • Owner does not have an experienced executive team or CFO
  • Business has experienced rapid growth and struggling to keep up
  • Unable to secure traditional bank financing

SEACAP Solution

  • Executive recruiting to fill holes in management team
  • Exploration of debt or equity financing sources
  • Project-oriented strategic planning, expense reduction, revenue diversification


Owner Nearing Retirement

SEACAP has helped many private business owners transition into retirement by advising them on their options for a partial or full exit from the business. We often work with clients several years before their planned exit to improve the performance of the company and the ultimate valuation at the sale. Our clients normally have between $5M and $100M in revenues.

Client Challenges

  • Owner is sixty or older and lacks a succession plan
  • Rising leadership needs an experienced financial advisor
  • Second-tier management does not have the acumen or financing to succeed the owner

SEACAP Solution

  • Investment banking advisor searching for strategic and financial buyers
  • Executive coach and sounding board for the owner
  • Project manager for the transition to new ownership


Growth by Acquisition

We foresee that 2009 is going to be a buyer’s market that will provide many opportunities for companies to grow via acquisitions or strategic partnerships.

Client Challenges

  • Owner is searching for ways to expand beyond organic growth
  • Industry is undergoing consolidation
  • Owner has expressed need to diversify product lines or services

SEACAP Solution

  • Investment banking advisor to buyer: identify and evaluate targets, negotiate transaction
  • Development of strategic plan for growth or diversification
  • Integration of complementary businesses